31 March, 2014

जैसी भी हूं ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

I am also as ...

I am not  
a TV series’ flashing and  fabulous grandmother 
I have not studied four letters of English 
I don’t know Chat Well, 
I am nothing And do not know anything 
But I am your grandmother 
I am also as ...
- Dr. Sharad Singh

29 March, 2014

लौटा सको तो ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

If you can return

I think, where lost
my own
Whom I gave my share of sleep
My share of bread
My share of pleasure
I don't want to take back everything
Just, if you can return, return me
A handful of love from that all
Thereby, I live the life in full of life
Before dying ...
- Dr Sharad Singh

27 March, 2014

मेरी स्मृतियां...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

My memories...

The river of my memories
is drying
Nobody listen my tales stories
Grandchildren - granddaughters
do not need me
They have
there TV, video
because I'm a ‘Old dated’ !
My memories will sleep with me
One day before dawn ...
- Dr Sharad Singh

26 March, 2014

डूब रहे हैं ....

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

Days are sinking ...

Eyes awaits for loved ones
are tired

With time slowly- slowly

And the days are immersed
in the sea of wrinkles

There are only so many days left now
To drowning ....
- Dr Sharad Singh

25 March, 2014

क्या उसे पता है ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

Does he know ...

Grandma will wait
she has get tired
Does he know?
Grandmother who eats half bread
half a cup of tea drinks
but the whole-hearted worship
Does he know?
He is now a grandson or not
Grandma is still the same
Does he know ?
  - Dr Sharad Singh