27 May, 2014

वो दिन आ जाए...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
That day will come...

Was my son was went 
By the plane
He said -
‘I'll come to meet you one day
With my son’
That day will come
Before I lose my days

That day will come...
- Dr Sharad Singh

25 May, 2014

मेरे जीने का सहारा ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

Recourse for me to live...

I was brought up
Our children
Was taken care of
My family
I was not ritualistic
No atheists
Well, the ritual is only recourse for me to live
Children and families
Separate themselves

From oldie me…
- Dr Sharad Singh

18 May, 2014

मुझे चाहिए ...

A Poem Of Dr. Sharad Singh
I must ...

What should I want at this age?
Nothing special
One or two bread
Soaked in water to Eat
One or two bread
Can see a clear fit
An Eyeglass
Two Saris, two blouses
And a Ramanami rosary
With these should
Lots of love of dear ones!

That's all, nothing...
- Dr. Sharad Singh

17 May, 2014

दे रही हूं ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
I am giving ...

I have
Neither house, nor whereabouts, nor my peoples  
Simply, this old age,
And the begging bowl with me
Who left me
They've got from me
Land, Ornaments and Home
He did not take a thing
I am giving...
Yes, my blessings

Maybe they don’t like this ... Nevertheless ...
- Dr Sharad Singh

14 May, 2014

जो सच है...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
Which is true ...

I've said so many times
Some have fallen
In my eyes
But no
This time lies will not say
I miss my son
From other city
My Daughter-in-law calls me  
My grandson and granddaughter persistence for me
No, it's nothing
The truth of my tears

In memory of all those ...
- Dr Sharad Singh

13 May, 2014

मोतियाबिन्द ....

A Poem of Dr Sharad Singh
Cataract …

Came off in my eyes
Cataract of the neglect of loved ones
Relationships are dim
Even dim future
Does not appear on
Currently there are no loved ones
Is any doctor who could remove

The cataract in my eyes…
- Dr Sharad Singh

05 May, 2014

प्रतीक्षा ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

My awry glasses has eroded
Like me
My stick has tired
Like me
But do not tired my waiting
Like glasses or stick
He is still unsworn
Like me
Waiting for love of love ones  

Waiting who never gets tired ....
- Dr Sharad Singh

01 May, 2014

एक सेफ्टी पिन ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
A safety pin ...

You gave me frippery
I wore
It was a feeling of being near you
There were no buttons
By the safety pin connecting the two parts
In order to maintain the warmth of belonging
I have a safety pin
to enclosed you with me 

O my son!
- Dr Sharad Singh