18 June, 2014

कृपया इसे भी पढ़ें...

हो चुकी है पत्थर वह तो....

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
She has turned to stone….

She was also put the hand together and beg
She was reminded her wrinkled old age
Her white hair
Her old legs trembled
She walked around his door
By the support of her stick
From where she was expected that
Wardiwale who sitting inside the door
They will find her grand daughter
Her old requests were pricing that
Finding brought her granddaughter
Raped, dead
Since then she has not shaking with emotion, not aging, not fear

She has turned to stone ….
- Dr. Sharad Singh

16 June, 2014

पिता आखिर पिता है ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
'फादर्स डे' पर... उन बेटियों की ओर से जिनकी ज़िन्दगी 

छीन ली गई वहशी दरिन्दों के हाथों ...

On 'Father's Day' ...Behalf of those daughters

 whose life was snatched by rapists ...

Father is a father after all...

Those daughters
was called their father
Father could not hear their cry
Could not save them from rapists
Still love daughters to their father
They know
Their father is weak, helpless
Is null before musclemen
If hears a shout
He runs to save
And killed
Those daughters from another world
His father
In the same way
As they would if alive

Though Helpless... father is a father after all...
- Dr Sharad Singh

13 June, 2014

रो रही हैं मांएं .....

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
Mothers crying......

She watched the way
Daughters return
Continued to wait a
Of their smiles
Daughters will help in cooking
Did who know that mother
Daughters' cry will have not reached to the ears
Nine months in the womb up relationship
Will be the victim of cruelty of devils
Trembling heart of mother
How will suffered all by her daughters
Rape and murder.....
How would raise head the mother of the devils?
Two Mothers are crying......
One from a grief ......and second from Shame…

- Dr  Sharad Singh

11 June, 2014

जीने के लिए ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
To live...

Two breads soaked in water 
 To reach till stomach by the
Toothless mouth
 I would only do so for
Cleaning of pile of grain 
Old age is dancing dance for two handfuls of grain
When lost every support
Have forced
Broken body and mind washed out

For live the lives remaining...
- Dr Sharad Singh