28 February, 2014

सपने ....

A Poem of Dr (Miss) Sharad Singh


I am Sleeping

Looking breads in dreams

Dreams are good

They gives not hunger


Difficult to sleep hungry...
                  - Dr Sharad Singh

27 February, 2014

मैं ...

A Poem of Dr (Miss) Sharad Singh

I am...

Like these old buckboard

I'm already too old

I neglected like these

The ones I picked up in my lap

Reached to destination

They left me on the support of the stick

Yes, now I am a useless old woman,

Not a human...
 - Dr Sharad Singh

एक प्रार्थना .....

A Poem by Dr (Miss) Sharad Singh

A Prayer
(A poem on Vrindavan Widows)

O God!
Born me as a woman in the next life too
Will not be make me a widow
Will not be me send Mathura, Vrindavan
Will not be strangeness of loved ones
I will be to accept a woman's life in every life
But only
You will borne me among humanity, not among humans
I will be to accept a woman's life in every life .....
- Dr Sharad Singh

15 February, 2014

औरतः तीन तस्वीरें ....

प्रिय मित्रो,
स्त्री विमर्श पर मेरी नई पुस्तक ‘‘औरतः तीन तस्वीरें ’’ विश्व पुस्तक मेला, सामयिक प्रकाशन का स्टाल, stall 8 , hall 18 पर उपल्बध रहेगी.....
Dear Friends,
On the Woman Discourse  My New Book "Aurat : Teen Tasweeren"....(Woman : Three Pictures) ......Available at the World book Fair, Samayik Prakashan - stall 8 , hall 18 .....

"Aurat : Teen Tasweeren" A new book on  the Woman Discourse by Dr Sharad Singh