30 April, 2014

आज मैं खुश हूं ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
He had come

Today I did not have hot,
Neither cold, nor hunger, nor thirst
Still I am happy
I am satisfied, rejoice -
In this lodging
I can’t stop bounce my mind
The reason?
Came to see me today
my grandson for the first time
Not to take me along, only to meet
But he did come.....
- Dr Sharad Singh

29 April, 2014

वह नहीं जानता ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
He knows nothing

Told me my son -
"Mother !  I can’t feed you            
I raise my children,
You go to Mathura, Vrindavan or Kashi, Anywhere,
Now just remember God, Mother ! '
My son does not know he's innocent
I did remembrance of God

before his birth
And were kept fasting,
I had not rejected him
to raise my other children
He knows nothing
My son is so innocent ...
- Dr Sharad Singh

28 April, 2014

पता नहीं क्या हूं ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
What am I ...

For me hair oil that enhance
I am a woman but
Feminine-look Is prohibited 
Prohibited Return home
Prohibited to say dear to loved ones
Everything is restricted
which any woman can get
But I do not
I extracted from home, old, widow am

I don't know ... What am I ......
- Dr Sharad Singh

24 April, 2014

छोड़ी हुई वृद्धा विधवा ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
Abandoned old widow ...

Where am I
Mathura, Vrindavan or Varanasi?
This is what makes the difference
Be anywhere
Away from my loved ones
With identity
An abandoned old widow
What stops from having widow?
Time speed or the moon, the stars, the sun walking
Then, why have my life imprisoned

Like moss in a puddle...
- Dr Sharad Singh

23 April, 2014

जो छोड़ गए मुझे ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
People who have left me...

I'm still holds fast
I do worship
and pray for all those
people who have left me
in the God's mercy
God does not appear
They also do not appear

Seems to me, my prayer
wherever they are my own
Be happy, be inhabited!
- Dr Sharad Singh

20 April, 2014

मैं यहीं हूं ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

I'm still here...

In the same courtyard
I taught you walk
and play
That's what you were reading, sitting in the winter sun,
Summer nights
Lie down on the bed in the same courtyard
heard stories by me
The courtyard is here
I'm still here
Just, you have been abroad away from my son
Alas! You are here...
- Dr Sharad Singh

16 April, 2014

तुम्हें पता नहीं ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

Do not you know ...

Do not look in my eyes
They have no any dream
My dreams, my own
They have left me
A little area in the village
My little house in this area 
And at home 
I left lonely 
Just ingeminate, day count
I'm stealing eyes from sleep
Maybe you don’t know .....
Lonely old woman does not dream
- Dr Sharad Singh

10 April, 2014

ओ मेरे बेटे !

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
O my son!

I think
Gone are the days where
When you were hiding in my lap
Angry with your friends
Or persistence used to eat Jalebi
Put clasp was swinging
Used childish suddenness
You know, the day never return
But you can come
Meet me once a month
In the Old Age Home,
O my son!
- Dr Sharad Singh

06 April, 2014

देवी मां प्रसन्न होंगी ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

Mother Goddess will be pleased ...

For the fevered mother
Son has no time
He has fast
for Mother Goddess
who will blessed him
So be happy Mother Goddess
His future will be brighter
About mother
she is today ... not tomorrow...
Son has grown up
and mother old... 
- Dr Sharad Singh

05 April, 2014

शक्तिरूपा स्त्री ???

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

Powerful women ???

I have a lifetime of Worship
Keep doing
that was my support
and will
Until the woman's childhood have under the father
young age under husband
and old age under sons
Father fears daughter will be raffish
Husband fears Wife will be misguided
and sons feels their aged mother like a load
Is this powerful woman ??? 
- Dr Sharad Singh  

04 April, 2014

तुम खुश रहो ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

You stay happy...

I should not be here
The path
The flailing, begging
You have think so,
My son!
Does not I am here
If you would have recourse
But no, you stay happy
That my prayers
I will not blush by begging on the street
You believe, I will not tell
that you are my son ...
- Dr Sharad Singh