16 June, 2014

पिता आखिर पिता है ...

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
'फादर्स डे' पर... उन बेटियों की ओर से जिनकी ज़िन्दगी 

छीन ली गई वहशी दरिन्दों के हाथों ...

On 'Father's Day' ...Behalf of those daughters

 whose life was snatched by rapists ...

Father is a father after all...

Those daughters
was called their father
Father could not hear their cry
Could not save them from rapists
Still love daughters to their father
They know
Their father is weak, helpless
Is null before musclemen
If hears a shout
He runs to save
And killed
Those daughters from another world
His father
In the same way
As they would if alive

Though Helpless... father is a father after all...
- Dr Sharad Singh


  1. पिता की लड़ाई ख़त्म नहीं हुयी है...देश साथ दे तो बेटियों को न्याय ज़रूर मिलेगा...

  2. धन्यवाद वाणभट्ट जी ....