01 April, 2014

हो सके तो ....

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh

If possible ...

My needs are limited
Surprised that you are still huge
Look at me like that
I was without any loan or credit
After a wait of which are
I am your grandmother - I grandmother
No debt or borrowings
Miss me before I have to be saved
If possible ...
- Dr Sharad Singh 


  1. बहुत खूब बहुत ही लाज़वाब अभिव्यक्ति आपकी। बधाई

    एक नज़र :- हालात-ए-बयाँ: ''मार डाला हमें जग हँसाई ने''

  2. बहुत भावपूर्ण और मर्मस्पर्शी अभिव्यक्ति...