18 June, 2014

हो चुकी है पत्थर वह तो....

A poem of Dr Sharad Singh
She has turned to stone….

She was also put the hand together and beg
She was reminded her wrinkled old age
Her white hair
Her old legs trembled
She walked around his door
By the support of her stick
From where she was expected that
Wardiwale who sitting inside the door
They will find her grand daughter
Her old requests were pricing that
Finding brought her granddaughter
Raped, dead
Since then she has not shaking with emotion, not aging, not fear

She has turned to stone ….
- Dr. Sharad Singh


  1. बेहद संवेदनशील...

  2. गनीमत है औरत हो कर भी (चाहे बुढ़िया हो या बच्ची)वह खुद तो बच गयी !